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Together Tuesdays

staring intently...

Together Tuesday-4-26-11
This week I finally got to use one of the new presets I purchased from from their Hollywood Glam Collection fittingly called "nostalgia". In no way is this photo "Hollywood Glam"...maybe Mommywood Glam? ;)

I did my clean RAW edit, applied the preset and then upped the brightness a little bit in lightroom. I've been wanting to get outside to do one of these, but yet again the weather is lacking in cooperation today. I just love how Dylan looks at me and it's nice to see it from everyone else's perspective. How sweet! I mean, it's sweet from my angle too but I know I'll cherish this picture when my baby is older and no longer does this. :( Right now he likes to stare at us, touch our faces, tug on our hair, have us pretend to eat his hand (and this gets a nice belly laugh)...I am loving that I can be home with him so much. I would miss a lot of this.

Together Tuesdays


Pretty Presets

I must say, that besides having a chance to win a bunch of cool stuff, participating in blog giveaways has introduced me to a bunch of awesome vendors! My new favorite at the moment is Pretty Presets for Lightroom.

Last night, they just released two of their new lightroom RAW presets in the set called The Old Hollywood Glam Collection. It includes their Old Hollywood Glam Classic B&W and Old Hollywood Glam in Technicolor. If you know me, you know I LOVE Hollywood Glam. I just had to bite the bullet and purchase!! What made the deal sweeter, is that by liking their FB Page, I found out about their 25% off deal that is going on through tomorrow tonight. Use the discount code "GLAM25"!!!

You can buy the sets separately, but check out their page to view the before and afters on the Hollywood Glam collection and to see more of their Pretty Presets!! If you look hard enough, you can find a couple of freebies to try out too! ;)


Together Tuesdays

photo shoot!

Together Tuesdays

So here is my normal photo:
Together Tuesday-4-19-11

And here is my crazy baby love photo:
TT Collage

Sorry for the late post. These were taken this afternoon and then I had a bunch of errands to run. Just had lunch with a good friend who's preggo and I think she may let me do some newborn photos!! So excited! She's due in a couple of weeks!! :)

I hope to see your photos if you are participating!!


I must say that now a days, I buy most of my photography equipment on I most recently bought a backdrop stand and finally gave in and bought the 580EXII flash. I am SUPER excited to get more serious about OCF and different lighting. I am going to a workshop/seminar type event on Tuesday and I can't wait to practice the skills I learn there. I've decided I'm going to take our front downstairs bedroom and try and set up a mini studio (yes that's right!!). I just want practice...with anything!! I can use Dylan, the cats or a stuffed animal. I don't care!! lol.

Anyways, the point of me telling you about is because I know a lot of bloggers out there are mommies also. If you don't know about yet, you need to go there pronto!! I signed up, originally, just to buy discounted diapers because I had heard amazing things about it. Basically, you sign up to amazon mom, and then subscribe and save on diapers. The amazon mom part of it gives you 15% off and the subscribe and save portion gives you another 15% off!!! In addition, I have found coupons in places like Parents Magazine for an additional $10 off. Don't let the subscribe and save scare you. You can cancel or change it at any time, no fine print. Change the size, change the quantity or change the intervals at which they come (every 1 month, every 2 months, etc) doesn't matter...or you can completely cancel it all and there is no obligation.

The BEST part I have found with amazon mom besides the cheap Pampers? Free Amazon Prime for up to a year. Which means FREE 2 day shipping on EVERYTHING (even camera gear and large backdrop stands!!!). Every time I buy something in the baby department, it extends my free amazon prime by a month. Right now, I'm good until November and I'm saving a TON on shipping. I'm so obsessed with it, that in my searching for camera equipment, I check the little box on the side that says Amazon Prime Only because I refuse to pay shipping for anything! If it's not free amazon prime shipping eligible, I don't buy it (but I haven't really come across that problem). ;)

So this post is for you, momtographers!!! :)

Together Tuesdays

Hello!! I'm still alive!!

Together Tuesdays

So, this week has been a huge bust for me in the blogging/photography world. One HUGE BIG EXCITING thing that has happened is that I got Dylan's Easter/6 Month photos back from our photographer April Sirit over at Evoke Photography. Since I absolutely ADORE this photo, and it has all three of us in it...I wanted to use it as this weeks Together Tuesday photo.


I love the innocent look on Dylan's face and both Alan and I look pretty good considering this was at the end of an almost 3 hour photo shoot. I didn't really mind spending all that time getting the photos taken...but it was definitely tiring. April works really hard to make sure she gets the absolute best shots. I can't say enough positive things about her.

And I just wanted to mention that technically, it's still Tuesday, so I'm not a total blogfail. ;) Next week I really hope to have the link up at the bottom of the TT post for anyone who wants to utilize it. Until then!


What a long weekend...

for real.

So this weekend was my first 3 nights in a row since I was pregnant. The third night is always a killer...(12 hour night shifts do that to you!).. I usually only work Fridays and Saturdays because I don't need childcare since Alan is home and let's me sleep in the mornings...but working every weekend was starting to take it's toll on my home life (ie passing the baby back and forth). So I've worked out a schedule where I work 2 3day weekends in a row, get a weekend OFF!! and then work a Friday and Saturday weekend and then repeat. Basically I'm replacing the 3rd weekend off with the 2 Sundays in the first two weeks. I get to keep my job time status which does not effect my benefits which is a plus! So now, I only have to find a sitter those two Mondays a month for four-ish hours so I can sleep after work. Easier said than done, but I've managed this month. Next month is a different story. =/

So the point of this post is to explain why I'm late on Scavenger Hunt Sunday AND Shoot & Edit. I am just exhausted...and Alan was sick tonight and I put the baby to bed and did all of his "chores" tonight (dishes, dinner, bottle washing)...which was fine since I didn't do squat today.

Hopefully by tomorrow I can get my posts up and link up...or I may have to call this week a wash for those two challenges and just work on next weeks, so I'm ahead of schedule instead of scrambling next Monday half I really tried to schedule posts ahead of time, but only made it until Saturday this week.

Sorry if I haven't responded to your much appreciated comments, or visited your blogs this weekend. I will catch up with all of you though!! :)


Selfie Saturdays

My first!

So I got my RC-6 remote on Tuesday and I'm very pleased with how easy it is to use. Tuesday night I also just happened to have a highly anticipated salon appointment. I haven't had highlights in a long time and I think I scared my stylist by telling her my highlight horror stories going back to my Florida days. I wear glasses (practically blind without them) so I couldn't see how they turned out until she was completely finished. I have to say, she gave me exactly what I wanted...but I expected that from her because after 10 years of living in North Carolina, I've finally found my favorite stylist I think I've ever had. LOVE her!!

Anyways, I went from this:

To this:
new highlights

I forgot how difficult it is to photograph people with glasses. Anyone have any tips or resources for that? I plan on wearing my contacts a lot more in the coming days...Dylan is constantly pulling on my hair and now he's found my glasses and I am NOT having any of that...ugh!! lol. I must say, I kind of actually like this photo of myself. I like the dramatic lighting (even if it is blown a bit on my face). You can check out my "Together Tuesdays" post to see what my hair looked like on Sunday. That would be no artificial coloring (well at least since my wedding in June of 2009).

To see more selfies, visit Elena's blog by clicking the button below!


Sweet Love Creates

Vendor shoutout!!

I was recently introduced to Sweet Love Creates.

I love EVERY. SINGLE. THING. in her shop. In fact, I can't wait to have another baby and use these props on him/her!!! haha. Ok that's a little crazy. But I do have some friends who are about to have cuddly little newborns that would go gaga over one of these babies. I hear it's hard to purchase her stuff because they are sold out so quickly. I WILL HAVE ONE!! <3

I think this one is my favorite:

Which one is your favorite?


Shoot & Edit: Week 13-Up Edit

Clean edit...

Here is the SOOC again:
Shoot & Edit: Up-SOOC

week 13 edit
Basically using Lightroom, I adjusted my exposure and white balance...added some vibrance and clarity and voila!!

Can't wait to see everyone else's edits today!

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Black & White/Wordless-ish Wednesday

with attitude...


It's a good thing I got a great picture with this onesie on (onesie from Crazy8) because later that night, Alan fed Dylan carrots...and carrots stain. :(

Not much else to say today. Went to lunch at On The Border with a friend and Dylan was such a good boy!! You know a good friend when she's willing to go to the eyebrow place, just to hold your baby for you. I get mine threaded, so there's no way I could hold him while getting it done (unless I put him in the car seat but then I have nightmares of him fussing and me not knowing what to do and having to leave with one shaped Hope you're all having a great day!

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Together Tuesdays

Ok I just made it up...

But, I went as far as making a button in case anyone was interested in following along with me. I know I don't have many followers and there is already a Mama in Focus Friday hosted by Casey...but this mommy works weekends and this is more for myself anyways. I plan on participating in her challenge as well and you should too!...I figure, the more photos of my son and I (and possibly with Alan in them this week)...the better! I'm not sure if I'll do themes or not...but I hope to get Alan in one at least once a month (we aren't home at the same time a lot).
Together Tuesdays

Anyways, here is this weeks capture. I wanted to start off with one that had Alan in it and before bath time on Sunday night (when I was completing Scavenger Hunt Sunday) I pulled Alan in front of the mirror and got an impromptu family shot. Of course the framing is off and it may be a little blurry, but I almost love the feel of these "candid" mirror shots. They capture the moment (and frustration) of taking a photo under those conditions. It's almost funny.
Together Tuesday
This picture also makes me really warm and fuzzy inside because Dylan is finally coming into his own and starting to look SO much like the both of us. As a baby everyone kept changing their minds of who he looked like most (common "argument" I guess) but I always thought he looked like Alan. This photo makes me realize how much he is OURS. Amazing concept. I am just so proud to be his mommy and I can't believe I get to watch him grow up and become his own person. I wish he'd stay 7 months forever though...he is such a good baby!!

For this week, since Alan was technically in the photo with me, I also linked up here on Thursday on Olga's blog!
One Day At A Time


iheartfaces | Photo Challenge

People's Choice! Best Face Photo from March 2011

Dylan Toothy Smile

I am photo #329!! Please click this text and vote for us!! Thanks! :)

My favorite toothy smile capture!! I decided to enter this photo into this months People's Choice on It is SO hard to catch a 6 month old in a smile like this (at least mine!)...but eventually, after many goofy faces on my part and getting behind the camera super all comes together. :)


Shoot & Edit: Week 13-Up SOOC

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Shoot & Edit: Up-SOOC
UP SOOC Histogram
This week, I chose an oldie from March 21st taken with my 50mm 1.8. It's hard sometimes to get outside with the babe, plus it's been rainy all week (I know I've been using this excuse but it really has!) and today I'm recovering from my weekend night shifts (it's hard to flip flop!!). Since Ashley mentioned doing a clean edit, I thought this photo would be a good choice. Plus, it's super sweet! :) Alan sometimes "wears" Dylan to the grocery store that is within walking distance from our house. Dylan was pretty tired in this photo and you can probably tell by the look on his face. Can't wait to see everyone's edits!!

To see more SOOC shots from this week, please visit Jill Samter Photography's blog


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

| High Key | Bedroom | Something Tiny | Off In The Distance | Stripes |

Two of these photos are from my archive. With the weather, I really didn't have time to go out and hunt for some of the prompts.

| High Key |
Cooper-High Key
It's Cooper!...again. I actually took this Saturday, believe it or not, like 10 minutes before I left for work. I caught him sunbathing and just had to grab the camera. Obviously edited for high key, the SOOC on this was just as pretty. Again, thanks to my new 85mm. :)

| Bedroom |
Honestly, ever since baby, cleaning has not been the utmost priority. Our downstairs bedroom is the "everything room", the office upstairs is turning into the same and our bedroom is just full of clean laundry waiting to be put away. So the easiest thing for me to photograph tonight was Dylan's bedroom while daddy gave him a bath (which also turned into a photo shoot of course). I used my 50mm because the space is tight.

| Something Tiny |
Something Tiny
Who doesn't love some baby feet?? These are from a photo shoot of my friends baby a few months ago at 18 days old. I still haven't blogged about it on my other blog. This photo was one of the ones she chose to put on her baby announcement. I thought it was perfect!! Our baby announcement also had Dylan's feet. So precious!! This was also taken with my 50mm.

| Off In The Distance |
Off In The Distance
I did end up getting another possibility for Off In The Distance, but it was lame and in my backyard and I just love this photo from my first family session back in 2009. I photographed this family again a few months ago when they added a 4th bundle of joy and I just loved seeing how old the older kids had gotten. Great stuff! This was actually taken with my 18-55mm kit lens. Can you believe it?? Back then it was all I had.

| Stripes |
I had a couple of different options for this one, but I wanted something different. I am a focus freak and finally hit the focus just right on the thin wood blind.

Check out the other submissions or submit your own on Ashley's blog by clicking the button below!!

I'm having blog withdrawal...


I don't think I mentioned really that I work the night shift as an RN in a cardiac ICU (I mean I get a cardiac patient if I'm lucky...we are more of a dumping ground for anyone and everyone who has hypertension in their past medical history). So weekends are shot for me as far as blogging. In fact, I just got home from a 12 hour shift...and I'm blogging. =/ I really need to go to bed!!

I just wanted to vent in my sleep deprived state, that I should have never put it out there that I had car trouble the other day. I feel so dumb now...because yesterday morning I got a frantic phone call from my husband that I needed to get out of bed (after only 3 hours) and come outside because he hit a car. Like, right in front of our driveway. ::head desk:: Driving our brand new 2011 Pilot. So yeah, much worse than a car "almost not starting".

Anyways, so it looks like later on today when I wake up and tomorrow I'll finish up hunting for the rest of my Scavenger Hunt Sunday photos. I also need to finish editing a photo session I did with a friend last week. annnnd...I'm super stoked to be taking photos of a coworkers little girl this Thursday!!

and, it wouldn't be a post without a photo. So here's a random one of my hubby and Dylan at swim class.