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I'm having blog withdrawal...


I don't think I mentioned really that I work the night shift as an RN in a cardiac ICU (I mean I get a cardiac patient if I'm lucky...we are more of a dumping ground for anyone and everyone who has hypertension in their past medical history). So weekends are shot for me as far as blogging. In fact, I just got home from a 12 hour shift...and I'm blogging. =/ I really need to go to bed!!

I just wanted to vent in my sleep deprived state, that I should have never put it out there that I had car trouble the other day. I feel so dumb now...because yesterday morning I got a frantic phone call from my husband that I needed to get out of bed (after only 3 hours) and come outside because he hit a car. Like, right in front of our driveway. ::head desk:: Driving our brand new 2011 Pilot. So yeah, much worse than a car "almost not starting".

Anyways, so it looks like later on today when I wake up and tomorrow I'll finish up hunting for the rest of my Scavenger Hunt Sunday photos. I also need to finish editing a photo session I did with a friend last week. annnnd...I'm super stoked to be taking photos of a coworkers little girl this Thursday!!

and, it wouldn't be a post without a photo. So here's a random one of my hubby and Dylan at swim class.


Casey Martinez said...

oh my gosh this shot is so precious!! Seeing a little one and their daddy having fun just melts me!

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