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I must say that now a days, I buy most of my photography equipment on I most recently bought a backdrop stand and finally gave in and bought the 580EXII flash. I am SUPER excited to get more serious about OCF and different lighting. I am going to a workshop/seminar type event on Tuesday and I can't wait to practice the skills I learn there. I've decided I'm going to take our front downstairs bedroom and try and set up a mini studio (yes that's right!!). I just want practice...with anything!! I can use Dylan, the cats or a stuffed animal. I don't care!! lol.

Anyways, the point of me telling you about is because I know a lot of bloggers out there are mommies also. If you don't know about yet, you need to go there pronto!! I signed up, originally, just to buy discounted diapers because I had heard amazing things about it. Basically, you sign up to amazon mom, and then subscribe and save on diapers. The amazon mom part of it gives you 15% off and the subscribe and save portion gives you another 15% off!!! In addition, I have found coupons in places like Parents Magazine for an additional $10 off. Don't let the subscribe and save scare you. You can cancel or change it at any time, no fine print. Change the size, change the quantity or change the intervals at which they come (every 1 month, every 2 months, etc) doesn't matter...or you can completely cancel it all and there is no obligation.

The BEST part I have found with amazon mom besides the cheap Pampers? Free Amazon Prime for up to a year. Which means FREE 2 day shipping on EVERYTHING (even camera gear and large backdrop stands!!!). Every time I buy something in the baby department, it extends my free amazon prime by a month. Right now, I'm good until November and I'm saving a TON on shipping. I'm so obsessed with it, that in my searching for camera equipment, I check the little box on the side that says Amazon Prime Only because I refuse to pay shipping for anything! If it's not free amazon prime shipping eligible, I don't buy it (but I haven't really come across that problem). ;)

So this post is for you, momtographers!!! :)


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