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Selfie Saturdays

My first!

So I got my RC-6 remote on Tuesday and I'm very pleased with how easy it is to use. Tuesday night I also just happened to have a highly anticipated salon appointment. I haven't had highlights in a long time and I think I scared my stylist by telling her my highlight horror stories going back to my Florida days. I wear glasses (practically blind without them) so I couldn't see how they turned out until she was completely finished. I have to say, she gave me exactly what I wanted...but I expected that from her because after 10 years of living in North Carolina, I've finally found my favorite stylist I think I've ever had. LOVE her!!

Anyways, I went from this:

To this:
new highlights

I forgot how difficult it is to photograph people with glasses. Anyone have any tips or resources for that? I plan on wearing my contacts a lot more in the coming days...Dylan is constantly pulling on my hair and now he's found my glasses and I am NOT having any of that...ugh!! lol. I must say, I kind of actually like this photo of myself. I like the dramatic lighting (even if it is blown a bit on my face). You can check out my "Together Tuesdays" post to see what my hair looked like on Sunday. That would be no artificial coloring (well at least since my wedding in June of 2009).

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Jessaca said...

Great job with the self portrait!!! High lights look great also!!! If I have photography questionsI just go to google and type it in.
Here a link for you
You have great lighing in this area that you took this selfie maybe take some white fabric that lets light flow through easly and place it over the window to reduce glare that shows up on the botom of your glasses.
Those are just some tips.
Have a good one

kristance ann said...

i love that photo of you! so beautiful. i wear glasses too, but usually take them off for photographs. i can't stand the glare!

Anne U said...

Great selfie, really like the lighting on your face. I wear glasses most of the time so I have the same problem too.

Anonymous said...

Great selfie... and your highlights look great! I have stylist phobia, too, after years of wrestling with my crazy curly hair. But every time I get highlights, I always feel more beautiful. You've inspired me to make an appointment! ;)

As far as the glasses, my Scott Kelby photoshop book says that when possible, take one picture with and one picture without (of course, everything else would have to be in the same place) and then merge the two images???

Anonymous said...

Beautiful self portrait! I wish I had some advice for taking photos with glasses, but I don't.

Your hair looks great! That reminds me - I really should get my hair redyed as you can see all the grey hairs... haha.

Olga said...

Melissa, your hair looks great!!!

PattiC said...

What an amazing haircut!!! Any chance your hairstylist wants to move to Cali? :)

Ashley Sisk said...

I love how your hair turned out. Gorgeous!

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