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What a long weekend...

for real.

So this weekend was my first 3 nights in a row since I was pregnant. The third night is always a killer...(12 hour night shifts do that to you!).. I usually only work Fridays and Saturdays because I don't need childcare since Alan is home and let's me sleep in the mornings...but working every weekend was starting to take it's toll on my home life (ie passing the baby back and forth). So I've worked out a schedule where I work 2 3day weekends in a row, get a weekend OFF!! and then work a Friday and Saturday weekend and then repeat. Basically I'm replacing the 3rd weekend off with the 2 Sundays in the first two weeks. I get to keep my job time status which does not effect my benefits which is a plus! So now, I only have to find a sitter those two Mondays a month for four-ish hours so I can sleep after work. Easier said than done, but I've managed this month. Next month is a different story. =/

So the point of this post is to explain why I'm late on Scavenger Hunt Sunday AND Shoot & Edit. I am just exhausted...and Alan was sick tonight and I put the baby to bed and did all of his "chores" tonight (dishes, dinner, bottle washing)...which was fine since I didn't do squat today.

Hopefully by tomorrow I can get my posts up and link up...or I may have to call this week a wash for those two challenges and just work on next weeks, so I'm ahead of schedule instead of scrambling next Monday half I really tried to schedule posts ahead of time, but only made it until Saturday this week.

Sorry if I haven't responded to your much appreciated comments, or visited your blogs this weekend. I will catch up with all of you though!! :)



kristance ann said...

uggh. i hate having to find a sitter. hope the sleep you're getting is super restful!

Becky said...

Mel I have a friend who lives in the same area as you do. She has a 2 year old and might be interested in watching Dylan for you. I can send her your email if you would like!

Melissa said...

I'm going to FB message you Becky!

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