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Together Tuesdays

Ok I just made it up...

But, I went as far as making a button in case anyone was interested in following along with me. I know I don't have many followers and there is already a Mama in Focus Friday hosted by Casey...but this mommy works weekends and this is more for myself anyways. I plan on participating in her challenge as well and you should too!...I figure, the more photos of my son and I (and possibly with Alan in them this week)...the better! I'm not sure if I'll do themes or not...but I hope to get Alan in one at least once a month (we aren't home at the same time a lot).
Together Tuesdays

Anyways, here is this weeks capture. I wanted to start off with one that had Alan in it and before bath time on Sunday night (when I was completing Scavenger Hunt Sunday) I pulled Alan in front of the mirror and got an impromptu family shot. Of course the framing is off and it may be a little blurry, but I almost love the feel of these "candid" mirror shots. They capture the moment (and frustration) of taking a photo under those conditions. It's almost funny.
Together Tuesday
This picture also makes me really warm and fuzzy inside because Dylan is finally coming into his own and starting to look SO much like the both of us. As a baby everyone kept changing their minds of who he looked like most (common "argument" I guess) but I always thought he looked like Alan. This photo makes me realize how much he is OURS. Amazing concept. I am just so proud to be his mommy and I can't believe I get to watch him grow up and become his own person. I wish he'd stay 7 months forever though...he is such a good baby!!

For this week, since Alan was technically in the photo with me, I also linked up here on Thursday on Olga's blog!
One Day At A Time



Ashley Sisk said...

This picture makes me smile - I can definitely see some of both of you in him. Love it!

Olga said...

What a beautiful picture of you 3!!!

I will try to follow in next week ;)

kristance ann said...

yay! i love your idea for together tuesdays! your family is so beautiful!

Olga said...

Yay!! Thanks for linking up! =)

Casey Martinez said...

I agree! This is beautiful! All so smiley and happy!! What could be better! Thanks for linking up with such an awesome shot!!

MishMish (Hanna) said...

Sweet, sweet picture!!

Amanda said...

oh this is fun! i just "signed up" for the hubby Thursdays! should be fun!

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