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Together Tuesdays

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Together Tuesday-4-26-11
This week I finally got to use one of the new presets I purchased from from their Hollywood Glam Collection fittingly called "nostalgia". In no way is this photo "Hollywood Glam"...maybe Mommywood Glam? ;)

I did my clean RAW edit, applied the preset and then upped the brightness a little bit in lightroom. I've been wanting to get outside to do one of these, but yet again the weather is lacking in cooperation today. I just love how Dylan looks at me and it's nice to see it from everyone else's perspective. How sweet! I mean, it's sweet from my angle too but I know I'll cherish this picture when my baby is older and no longer does this. :( Right now he likes to stare at us, touch our faces, tug on our hair, have us pretend to eat his hand (and this gets a nice belly laugh)...I am loving that I can be home with him so much. I would miss a lot of this.

Together Tuesdays



Anonymous said...

So pretty!! I love playing around with photoshop actions! I want to buy a new set but that's just out of my budget right now haha!

The Sweetest Life

Mel said...

I love this!! How do you like the rest of the presets?

Melissa said...

I've only gotten to use a few...but really love them so far. They take some tweaking to customize each photo but the main recipe gets you in the right area. You can download a free preset from this collection called "Starlet". You should try it out! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

That's really sweet! I just learned that I too can use presets for ACR!

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