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My Dilly-o

Dylan Toothy Smile
Isn't he cute?

This was taken a few weeks ago, so 6 1/2 months. Obviously Dylan has been the main subject of my photography since his birth, but I have gotten the chance to photograph for a few friends. I plan on blogging about those a little later. My other blog, @, may eventually combine with this one. I am loving the new layout!! It's honestly the best one I've ever had and I have blogged A LOT. You can check out my other blogs, which mostly have to do with weddings, here:

Feathers & Pearls- My wedding planning blog
NC Bride Bio- Wedding vendor blog

Both are pretty much out of commission since I got married almost two years ago, but both still get a lot of traffic and have a lot of information. I STILL get emails from my Feathers & Pearls blog with questions about my various DIY projects and I just love answering them. It feels great knowing that my blog is somehow helping another bride out.

The purpose of this blog is very relevant to my life right now. I want to capture my journey in evolving into the photographer that I want to be. I have tentative menu items up top for what I hope becomes a blog others can utilize to their benefit. I want to showcase other blogs that have helped me and send on the love. I also wanted a quick way for readers to see where I am becoming involved in the photography community...such as photo challenges, outings, classes, etc. I have a couple of posts I already have to catch up on and/or dream up before they even happen. One being my new lens that came in the mail today (yessss!). Two being my first submission ever to and three, I have a workshop type thing coming up with a local photographer that I can't wait to blog about! Oh and have to meet my awesome kittehs!!! They have been neglected with the camera since Dylan came along, so I plan on bombarding them soon!

Hope to get to know more of you out there in the photography community both local and across the globe. It's gonna be so much fun! :)



Ashley Sisk said...

I had a blast hanging out tonight - we'll have to do that again and I'm definitely going to that workshop!

Melissa said...

Me too!! You were so much fun! Would love to do it again sometime. See you at the workshop!

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