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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Fellow photographer friend and blogger Ashley Sisk has SUCH a cool thing going on. I have been so inspired by her blogging, that really, it's one of the things that pushed me back into it. She's showed me that you don't have to go balls to the wall and own a business to enjoy photography. and I love that.

Every Sunday her blog hosts "Scavenger Hunt Sunday". Today while Dylan was taking a 45 minute nap, I rushed around the house and tried to stick with the 5 items for this weeks submissions. Well, I think I managed to find them all, though not very inspiring. I just wanted to try it out to say I did it. And hopefully it will get my creative juices flowing for next week and it will become something I can stick with. I say, if it's something that encourages practice and for you to really's so worth it. I apologize in advance that I'm not really sure how to get all of the links back to the person with the idea. I managed to grab one of the boxes but not sure how it's easiest to get the rest.

SO, here's my take. Laugh along with me, because really it's not that good. haha.

1. Decay
So this is my garbage. Well, to be more exact, our tiny recycling bin that the City of Raleigh supplies us with. Side note: I've been to a friends in Wake Forest, and their recycle bins are JUST as big as their garbage bins. I'm tres jealous!! Anyways-I think your garbage says a lot about you. I'm just glad that a box of vegetables made it in there. I promise this is full on not tampered with at all. I'm baring the box of Samoas I finished off last night and all (they'll never be Caramel Delites to me!!! ::raises fist::). So yeah, baby food, bottled water, bottle of wine (or are there two?), root beer! and some sort of canned veggie and what looks like a bottle of ketchup. Awesome stuff! Oh, I almost missed the Froot Loops! Who doesn't love those?

2. Groups of Three
Well, more like 3 pairs of shoes (kitty mouse included-normally I find one of those things IN my shoes! lol). These are basically all I wear. I am a flip flop addict!! My work shoes (I mean, c'mon, just guess which ones I'm talking about!). And my newest pair of flats that are super comfy and they are my go to shoes with jeans because I'm terrified of heels now that I have a baby. I told you this was going to be exciting!

3. Kitchen
This is what's on our fridge. Some of it's old (hello Save the Dates!) but I just can't let go of them!! Most of it's Dylan and his various photo shoots and then my brother, SIL and my 3 year old nephew Cayden. And my current favorite, a baby announcement from a friend with my photos on it. So proud and honored and it's just awesome! edit// now I'm seeing my red hoodie reflection in the fridge. That's what I get for trying to pump these out so fast! lol

4. Things that make you go hmmmm...
Ok, so when I saw this item, I had to really think hard...NOT!! This is my husbands doing. And I bet you're like...WTF is THAT??? Well...we have two cats (who are the shizz) and my husband was watching animal planet one day with some crazy cat lady who made her own cat toys. This is obviously, an empty bottle of bottled water with the label ripped off. My husband then cut a hole in it (can you find it?) and then we (yes, we-he's gotten me into it) fill it up with Colby's "special" cat food. See, this thing serves two purposes. One-Colby loves it and gets to "hunt" or "work for" his food. He paws it around and a few pebbles of food come out. He eats it. and repeat. Two-Colby is on special food for his sensitive stomach and it's like a bazillion dollars a bag. Thankfully our other cat Cooper-doesn't get it. Or he just might be like some of you, who are rolling your eyes in the back of your head at how dumb and perplexing this thing is. Basically, he doesn't eat Colby's expensive food. So it's a win-win. Besides the odd looks we get when people find it on our living room floor. edit// Looking at it more, this one is too underexposed for me...but I think I was trying to capture the detail of the hole. oh well.

5. "ME" Time
If you were paying attention earlier, you'll remember me telling you that I rushed through these just to actually do it. During Dylan's naps, unless I'm napping's definitely some "me" time. Dylan requires A LOT of attention and in having a baby, while it's the most amazing thing in the world, I've definitely lost a lot of my independence. I only miss it once in a while because Dylan is so incredible, he makes up for most of it. ;) This photo shows a lot of me time that I'm missing. Like needing a serious eyebrow threading, wearing something other than a hoodie (or finding the time to shop for myself) and fixing my makeup after waking up from a nap this afternoon (Dylan gave me two hours-a record, but I only gave myself one =/).

I want to add that all of these photos were unstaged.... I shot as I saw things in my house today.



Lauren said...

LOVE the fridge shot! And your son is so cute. :)

Ashley Sisk said...

I'm so glad you were able to jump in - I have to laugh at your things that make you go hmmm shot. That's a pretty good idea. I love your selfie. You'll have to jump on that bandwagon too. I can't seem to help myself anymore. :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I think the cat toy/food dispenser is a great idea.

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