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I'm not a rock star

but I wish I was...


Tonight I went out to dinner with a friend and my Scavenger Hunt Sunday post really got me thinking. I LOVE shoes. And since I was baby free tonight (thanks hubby!), I decided to wear these new shoes I had bought months ago. Yeah. 4 1/2 inches. I had to measure when I got home. Not to mention I tackled driving to the restaurant in our Jetta 1.8T, which is a stick shift. I am awesome at driving stick. In heels, I'm just ok. But I ended up driving home barefoot, even though these beauties were worth it!!!



Ashley Sisk said...

I'm pretty impressed all the way around. I was wearing heels but it was a wedge and not that tall!

Melissa said...

I saw them!! They were really cute, but I thought they were flats. I can't wait to lose the baby weight so I won't be embarrassed to wear these with something other then

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