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Wordless Wednesday

...but with words.

and then, she {snapped}The Paper Mama

There are going to be a lot of firsts in the next few weeks, and todays first is my participation in Wordless Wednesday.

Another SOOC shot with my new 85mm lens. This was taken yesterday around the same time as my Shoot & Edit entry in the last post. It was probably around 6pm, so I had really great natural light. I would have taken a photo today, but it's cold and rainy outside (again!) so I didn't bother. I already had the joy of running in and out of Pullen Aquatic Center with Dylan in my arms in the pouring cold rain. Today was his last swim class. I feel like such a proud mommy because he went underwater THREE times!! Just had to brag a little about that one. Ok, I'm done. ;)

Here's the LR screen shot to show settings:
annnnnd my screen shot is terrible. Here's just the histogram:
Yellow Histogram
So, slightly underexposed but I really love SOOC. I try so hard to get it right in camera as much as I can, so that editing isn't a nightmare. I mean, isn't that the goal? I also just recently took off the training wheels and only shoot in RAW (instead of RAW + JPG). Now that I have Lightroom (thanks Santa!), it's really not that big of a deal. I just found it horrid to deal with the editing software that Canon gives you when you purchase their cameras. ugh!

edit//Just thought I'd go ahead and post my edit for this one. Love it even more.
Wordless Wednesdays
I basically adjusted my exposure and white balance. A little bit of sharpening and a touch of clarity (although the point of focus on this image is the inner tip of the middle flower, it still adds punch). I also added an ever so slight vignette to make the flowers pop a little more.


alicia said...

Beautiful photo! Thanks so much for linkin up to WW. Can't wait to see more of your work!

Melissa said...

Thank you! I'm glad I found your blog! Great stuff!

Ashley Sisk said...

Your SOOC shots are gorgeous!

Lindsey V said...

Wow! So, so good! Seriously! I have SO much that I still want to learn. And your banner pics...amazing....the fact that you could capture two unique facial expressions like that...I love it!

Flower Photography said...

Beautifully done!!

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