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Mom, make the sun come out...


It's still cold and rainy here today. Dylan and I braved the Barnes & Noble so I could use my Groupon (and grab some Starbucks!). Daddy took the Pilot today. Which created all sorts of problems because normally that's the mom mobile, but it needed an oil change. Problems, you ask? Well for one, all my baby stuff that's vital to me leaving the house, is in the Pilot. It stays in there, or else I could end up forgetting it while trying to pack him into the car. You wouldn't think normal things, such as going to Target or B&N, required so many "things". The most important thing, is the car seat. But thank goodness it was in our living room b/c Dylan fell asleep on the way home from swim class yesterday and I stealthily tried to bring him in the house to continue his nap (total fail!). Second most important thing is a baby carrying method. Whether that be our snap n go stroller, my Ergo Baby Carrier, or my shopping cart cover. (I highly recommend all three of these items and they are clicky for any inquiring minds).

My mother in law, god bless her, gave us a stroller. It's used from one of her kids' in her class. I HATE this stroller. Like, with a passion. It's a Peg Perego, which is a pretty reputable stroller maker in Italy...but I can't fold/unfold this thing for the life of me. And guess what? It's the ONLY form of baby carrying that I have left in the house today. UGH!!!

So I pull into the Barnes & Noble parking lot and I'm dreading having to unfold the stroller (it was already folded up when I begrudgingly shoved it in the trunk). Actually, I'm having premonitions about me not being able to fold it back up and I panic at the thought of what I would do in that case. Ask a stranger? eeeeyeahno. I'd probably just leave Anyways, I get Dylan in the stroller, and going through a huge puddle I make it to the doors of B&N. I have to go in backwards (why can't all doors be automatic?) and struggle while someone is standing in between the set of double doors (I really frown when things like this happen-help a sister out!!). Long story short... I make it in, get my coffee, pick out books for Dylan (and some for a gift)... and then make it to the car, get D in the car seat and attempt to fold the stupid stroller. It took a lot of shaking, pulling, stepping, a few huffs and a big shove and I finally did it!! I purposefully left it in the trunk though...I don't want to see that thing again for a while.

The BEST part of the story? I go to start the car and it chokes. ::breathe:: Try again, no dice. I start to panic. Wait a few seconds, turn off the radio (like this would matter?) and give it a longer try and finally, it unwillingly starts. I was going to go to Target (my love/hate daytime trip) but I decide to skip it and consider myself lucky if I make it home in one piece. It's not like we have a POS car. It's my 2006 Jetta 1.8T, which Alan now drives since we got the new baby-mobile (Honda Pilot). It's fun to drive, but not very baby friendly. I sometimes take it to work on the weekends while Alan has the baby and I've noticed lately that it doesn't run the same. So yeah, we'll definitely have to get it checked out.

That was just a glimpse of my day and by the time we got home, a peek of sun came out so I sat Dylan by the door and took these photos. Here's an edit play on one of them. I used the Lightroom preset "Color Creative - Color CP 2".
I am kind of a focus freak, but I almost like that the focus isn't directly on his face. Gives it that mysterious cast.



Ashley Sisk said...

What a day -I think I would have enjoyed your day more than mine. Maybe we can trade? Then I'll give your kid back and say good luck. JK I'm ready for sun. I'm starting to get depressed.

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