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Meet Cooper

Mr. I'm nice when I wanna be...

...and cute at that!

We rescued Cooper from PetSmart--or rather one of their adopt-a-thons on Saturdays that different adoption agencies are at each week--about 4 years ago. He was born August 2006 and we adopted him in January 2007. Cooper was an orphan and bottle fed as a kitten. To this day, he still suckles or nurses on fuzzy's weird. This isn't the cat the eats out of the man made cat food dispenser thingy. He's too refined for that kind of thing! I call him the "shark" because when we're eating dinner, you'll randomly feel him rubbing against your feet and legs. Which is weird for him, because like I said, he's only nice when he wants to be. Like certain times of day. Night time, this cat sleeps on my legs. Every. Single. Night. Daytime, he wants nothing to do with me. Where's the love Cooper?? Oh, and don't you dare touch his belly. He'll claw your arm off. (I have a scar to prove it!) But amazingly enough, this cat lets me clip his nails. Regularly.

Cooper 3
I just love his eyes. They're gorgeous!! I wish I had gotten a full head on shot, but he decided to be a brat and got up 2 frames after I got this one with his eyes open (and in focus!).

It's a little sad. He's not a bad cat by any means. He'll run and hide before he'd scratch a stranger (unless you're messing with him). My little 3 year old nephew Cayden was visiting this year at Christmas. He lives all the way out in Oklahoma with my brother and sister in law, so he'd only seen Cooper on GChat. He wanted to pet Cooper so badly...I felt terrible!! Coops just kept running from him. And when Cayden did catch him, he'd hiss...which made Cayden cry. :( I wonder how he'll be with Dylan? Hopefully used to him by then? Right now he mostly ignores Dylan, or gives a sniff and walks away.

I caught Cooper curled up on the our comfy chair tonight. I hope I'm not making him sound too bad. He just has his quirks.

A little edit fun:
Cooper 2

Some point & shoot reminiscing from his kitten days:
cooper 074cooper 076
He still loves that bear. His foster mom gave that to us the day we adopted him. And when I say love, I mean suckle. lol. You know how cats knead things? Well he does that and he's nursing. I guess he has issues. Anyways, that bear has been washed a bazillion me.

He even has his own YouTube videos (well, two of them):

We'd only had him a little while when I took this one. I so badly wanted him to get the lid off, but it never happened.

This was still a couple of years ago (before we got married). This video still makes me jump!! He's still for a few seconds and then BAM, he's attacked the star chaser ball. LOVE this toy. We still have it and I've even had to buy replacement balls off of amazon (the original one finally died and then my nephew "lost" the other one).



Casey Martinez said...

the pictures of your kitty are fantastic! SO sharp and well exposed! Great job! Heard of you through Ashley's blog and I too live in the area so we will all have to get together again sometime;0.

Ashley Sisk said...

Cooper looks pretty awesome and sounds like Kitty Paw. BTW, Casey (above) was the one I was telling you about. She's pretty awesome.

Melissa said...

Casey I'd love that! Thanks for your compliments. Ashley, maybe we should have a kitty play date? haha jk. ;)

alicia said...

Beautiful shots. Very clean and crisp.

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